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Terms of Use of FlipTalk

Date of publication: 16.02.2022

These Terms of Use (the “Terms”) govern your use of FlipTalk platform and materials owned by FlipTalk Inc. (“FlipTalk” “we” or “us”) — including all materials on Web site (the “Site”), interactive features, and resources offered by FlipTalk on the Site, on mobile devices or through social media platforms.

Please read these Terms carefully. By clicking “I accept the terms of the User Agreement” or by making an advance payment as well as by further using the FlipTalk Service, you affirm that you have read and understand, and agree to be bound by, these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you should not use FlipTalk Service.
Your use of certain portions of the Service may be subject to additional terms and conditions ("Additional Terms"). Where Additional Terms apply, we will make them available for you to read through your use of that portion of the Service. By clicking “I accept the terms of the User Agreement”, you agree to be bound by the Additional Terms.
1. Use of the Service

1.1. FlipTalk Inc. provides you with remote service of information courses for a fee through the FlipTalk Web
Site: https://fliptalk.online and other sites with fliptalk.online domain (the “Site”). Services are provided during the Subscription period and involve tutors.

1.2. The Service provides Users with the opportunity to complete the Courses presented in the Service, with the purpose of self-training in skills and knowledge in English, as well as the ability to use the functionality provided by the Service chosen by the User.

1.3. The detailed information on the Courses, its content, conditions, and approval process is available on the Site.
2. Your Responsibilities

In order to participate in Education process, you must register. When you register, FlipTalk collects certain personal information about you and would use it only in accordance with the law. You agree that the information you provide at registration and any time following registration will be true, accurate, and complete and you will update such information so that it remains up to date and accurate at all times.

3. Fees and Payment; Refunds; cancelation and Freezing subscriptions

3.1. You will be responsible for paying the then-current tuition fees for the Courses you take under condition of 100% prepayment for Subscription period in non-cash form, using one of the electronic payment services available on the Site. All charges and payments shall be in the currency indicated on the Site.

3.2. Subscription for Courses can be renewed for the User automatically after payment for the subsequent subscription period.

3.3. Each Party shall be solely responsible and liable for calculation and payment of taxes levied on it under applicable tax laws. You shall pay FlipTalk’s tuition fees under this FlipTalk Terms in full without deduction of any taxes, charges, duties and/or other payments. Tuition fees exclude all taxes, fees, duties, and governmental assessments and you are responsible for payment of any such Taxes.

3.4. You may cancel your participation in a Course at any time prior to your completion of the Course by emailing us at support@fliptalk.team

3.5. You may request a refund for the unused portion of the fees that you paid: - If you pay your tuition fees on a monthly subscription basis, any refund will be pro-rated based on the remaining number of days in the month in which you cancel. For example, if you were to cancel on the 10th day of a 30-day month, you may receive a refund equal to two-thirds of the tuition fees paid for such month. You will not be entitled to a refund for any periods in the past. - Please note that the refund as set forth in this Section, if there is any, will be issued within 30 days following the date of your submission of the corresponding refund request by e-mail. If you are eligible for the refund, your refund will be sent back to the original form of payment used. - No refund will be available if you complete the subscription and/or obtain a Certificate or if you request a refund more than one year after the date you first paid for subscription.

3.6 You may request to freeze your subscription through the support chat or via email support@fliptalk.team. Similarly, the subscription charge date for the following period (if the student decides to continue) will be modified taking into account the dates of suspension and resumption of the course.

Freezing periods in accordance with subscription duration are:
  • 1 month subscription - no freezing period
  • 3 months subscription - 1 week
  • 6 months subscription - 2 weeks
  • 1 year subscription - 1 month
4. Ownership of FlipTalk’s Content; Restrictions on Use

The content on FlipTalk Platform, other than “User Content” (as defined below), including, without limitation, videos, clips, photos, text, software, scripts, graphics, sounds, music, interactive features and the like (collectively, the “Content”) and the “FlipTalk” word marks and the FlipTalk design mark, as well as certain other of the names, logos and materials displayed on or through the FlipTalk Service that constitute trademarks, trade names, service marks or logos (the “Marks”) are owned by FlipTalk Inc or its licensors and are subject to copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights under US and international laws.

Except as authorized by these Terms or as otherwise intended or authorized by FlipTalk through the Platform, you agree not to copy, download, stream, capture, archive, upload, publish, broadcast, sell, resell, modify, translate, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or exploit for any purposes the FlipTalk Platform Service or any portion of the FlipTalk Platform Service, including, without limitation, the Content and the Marks.

The FlipTalk Platform Service is provided for your personal use only. You must abide by all copyright notices, trademark notices, information, and restrictions contained in or associated with any Content. You must not remove, alter, interfere with, or circumvent any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices marked on the Content or any digital rights management mechanism, device, or other content protection or access control measure associated with the Content.
5. Feedback

You agree that FlipTalk Inc and its affiliates are free to use for any purpose whatsoever, ideas, know-how, concepts, techniques, comments, criticisms, reports, or other feedback (collectively, “Feedback”) that you may voice about the Service including Feedback that you send to FlipTalk or its affiliates. You acknowledge and agree that you have no expectation of compensation or confidentiality of any nature, and that FlipTalk has no duties to you (including any duty to compensate you for your Feedback), with respect to such Feedback.
6. Other terms and conditions

At the end of the subscription period, if the User uses the paid services in full, FlipTalk may provide an electronic certificate by request of User. The certificate is provided by sending it to the email address specified by the User when registering on website.

FlipTalk Inc may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change these FlipTalk Terms from time to time. All changes to the FlipTalk Terms will be effective when posted, and we will provide notification of such changes to you via the Service or contact information you may have provided to FlipTalk upon registration. Your continued use of the FlipTalk Service following any changes to the FlipTalk Terms will constitute your agreement to be bound by such changes. If you object to any such changes, your sole recourse shall be to stop using the FlipTalk Service.
7. Terms and definitions

Subscription period means 1/3/6/12 calendar month (s) from the payment day, according to offer.
Freezing subscriptions means opportunity to freeze and prolong subscription period in accordance with the rules: users have the right to request freezing, through the support chat or via email support@fliptalk.team. Similarly, the subscription charge date for the following period (if the student decides to continue) will be modified taking into account the dates of suspension and resumption of the course.

Freezing periods in accordance with subscription duration:
  • 1 month subscription - no freezing period
  • 3 months subscription - 1 week
  • 6 months subscription - 2 weeks
  • 1 year subscription - 1 month

The renewal of the subscription will be done automatically once the established time has been completed, if the student wishes to resume at an earlier date, they must notify the team of support, through the aforementioned channels, about your desire to continue studying.
Course means a set of materials and training available in Service.
You may contact us at:
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Wilmington, Delaware
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